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April 2017

The Countdown to Something

We're a few weeks away yet from Pentecost, but we are currently in what is known as the Counting of the Omer. It's a time of great anticipation. A countdown to something wonderful. A countdown to a gift from our Savior, our God. And I can't wait!

Don’t Miss Your Appointments with God

If God planned a special date to be with you, would you miss it? What if I told you that you might be without even knowing it. What if I told you God planned seven very important appointments every single year to be with you and reveal His very nature to you. Would you want to know, or would you turn away?

This Passover Are You a Slave or Free?

Passover begins Monday evening. My family will sit down to a meal of tradition and ritual that is rife with messages of freedom, rescue, and salvation. The Passover is a story of freedom from slavery; a story of freedom from sin, freedom from bondage to the world. When Moses said, "let my people go!" it was a mere echo of God's own voice ringing loud in the heavens, "let my people go!" Each year, we celebrate the Passover as freed believers in Christ, and each year, God reveals new truths to us through this feast. It is…