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May 2017

The Myth of The Blessed American

I have grown up hearing how blessed we are for having been born in America. You probably have too. It is a common understanding that America is the most blessed nation on earth. Everyone from school teachers to preachers to our neighbors frequently talk about our blessings, about the American Dream, about our wealth, privileges, education system, material possessions, and freedoms; and I couldn't argue that we seem to have it made here in the good 'ole US of A! Now, don't get me wrong! We do have it made! People all over…

Pregnancy is a Commencement Too

I’ve been hearing a lot this week about the teen girl, whose school did not allow her to participate in graduation exercises due to her pregnancy. And I just have to say something, from the perspective of the most fundamental Christian I know…. Me.

Redeeming the Days at Redemption Market

It’s World Changer Wednesday and I am excited to introduce Redemption Market and it’s owner, Rhonda LaBatt. I love to share new finds, especially when it’s people or businesses who are out to change the world. Redemption Market is one of these world changers. LaBatt, owner and operator of Redemption Market, began this business with her three teenage daughters in 2013. Her goal was to take what was intended for evil and to turn it around for good. “I started this business in response to a plea from a group of women in…