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Feast Days

We know that our God first showed himself to the Jewish people. We know Jesus to have been the Jewish Messiah as well as our own. But we forget to see our faith in its original context. By keeping the days, about which God says, ‘The feasts of the Lord, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts,” we can engage with God in a unique and meaningful way that the Christian church has too long forgotten.

Feast of Trumpets: The Beginner’s Guide

You might call them the Jewish feasts, but I call them the Feasts of the Lord (Leviticus 23:2), the Lord Jesus, our Messiah. When God designed the earth and the universe and filled them with all that is in them, he gave us the moon and the sun and the stars to declare to us the signs and seasons (Genesis 1:14). The Christian church has largely determined that all of those signs and seasons are for the Jewish people only. However, consider that God created all of those indicators long before the Jewish people even…

The Eclipse: Is It A Sign of the End Times?

Is it the end times or will everything continue just as it has all these years... will Messiah ever return? I admit I have gotten caught up in a few people's teachings on end times and seasons and harbingers and moons and whatnot in the past, but honestly, I tired of all the "this is really it!" announcements and stopped paying attention. That's why when similar teachings arose about this solar eclipse, I didn't have the energy to get involved, no matter how much I actually do believe that God uses nature to…

The Countdown to Something

We're a few weeks away yet from Pentecost, but we are currently in what is known as the Counting of the Omer. It's a time of great anticipation. A countdown to something wonderful. A countdown to a gift from our Savior, our God. And I can't wait!

Don’t Miss Your Appointments with God

If God planned a special date to be with you, would you miss it? What if I told you that you might be without even knowing it. What if I told you God planned seven very important appointments every single year to be with you and reveal His very nature to you. Would you want to know, or would you turn away?

This Passover Are You a Slave or Free?

Passover begins Monday evening. My family will sit down to a meal of tradition and ritual that is rife with messages of freedom, rescue, and salvation. The Passover is a story of freedom from slavery; a story of freedom from sin, freedom from bondage to the world. When Moses said, "let my people go!" it was a mere echo of God's own voice ringing loud in the heavens, "let my people go!" Each year, we celebrate the Passover as freed believers in Christ, and each year, God reveals new truths to us through this feast. It is…

The Yeast! It’s Everywhere!

One of the most well-known traditions of Passover is the removal of the yeast. In Exodus, when God commands Israel to prepare for their flight from Egypt, he tells them to remove all yeast from their homes. When I first read that passage my mind went to rolls and loaves of bread, and you think ok, that's easy enough. So I have to throw away a half-eaten loaf or two of bread, English muffins, or maybe some frozen pancakes. No biggie. Then I heard how Jews, all over the world, rid their houses of vast amounts of yeast…