Could the Bible Really Become Illegal in America?

It’s coming to a state near you and frankly, it’s imaginable. Yes, I wrote that right. California currently has a bill being introduced by the Democratic Party that could, in fact, ban the sale of the Bible at least and ban its possession or use at worst.

As a child, I occasionally saw Christian films of the end times, that were terrifying. People being arrested and killed just because they were Christians and Bibles being burned were some of the most indelible images for me.

As a child, it was hard to imagine someone hating the Bible so much. Yet, it’s 2018 and we are there. Is it possible California will ban the Bible?

The answer to this isn’t simple, unfortunately. I’d love to laugh it off and say no way, but frankly we can’t say that any longer.

Do I believe this bill will be passed on its first time being introduced in California’s house and senate? Probably not. It’s a rare thing that a bill with this degree of controversy would pass on its first try. But that isn’t the problem.

The problem is that this bill was introduced at all. The problem is that even if it fails this year, it is extremely likely that it will be reintroduced next year and every year with minor tweaks until it does pass. The problem is that the Democratic Party has been allowed to get this far unchecked. The problem is that some Christian Americans still register to vote as Democrats, and cast their votes for democratic candidates whose agenda is THIS!

Don’t be fooled, the Democratic Party has never sought love and acceptance for all. Tolerance was just a catchy slogan. It was a cover for their real agenda, which is the destruction of religion, morality and democracy in favor of a socialist/communist government structure where specialized authorities appointed by the powers in control determine what we are allowed to think, believe and do in our personal lives. Their agenda has always been the removal of God from our lives.

While I’m clearly ranting on the Democratic Party, do not confuse me with a typical Republican either. They have their own issues to deal with, but any group whose agenda it is to remove God and criminalize those who love and follow God aren’t going to win any approval ratings from me.

When you remove the very basis of what is good and kind and just and criminalize that, what exactly will we be left with? #biblebanning #freedomofreligion Click To Tweet

Our nation was founded on freedom. Freedom to think and speak and believe what you want. And occasionally someone might get their feathers in a ruffle over what someone else says or does. Big deal. There’s plenty of things I don’t approve of people saying, but sticks and stones… whatever, I can move on with my life in 3-2-1. Ok. But when you create laws to regulate, or worse, outlaw the book that is the basis of all morality and decent human behavior the entire world over, well, we haven’t seen nothing yet in the way of a rise in immorality. 

When you remove the very basis of what is good and kind and just and criminalize that, what exactly will we be left with?

I’ll tell you what… Hollywood. Land of rich wealthy men who sexually exploit women and children and babies for greed and debauchery and their own perverted desires. No, it should be no surprise that California is the state introducing such a bill.

But it should concern us. It’s should cause Christians everywhere to take notice and pray. And, I’d hope it would also cause Christians in the Democratic Party to reconsider their support and affiliations, but alas, this is America, and you’re all free to do as you wish… at least for now. 

God bless America.

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