21-Day Spiritual Detox

Detoxing is all the rave these days. I’ve done them, my husband has done one. Our neighbors, friends, and even a few kids I know have done some variation of a detox.

It’s good and wise to care for our bodies, but perhaps we have some spiritual cobwebs lurking about as well. Perhaps we should take some time for a spiritual detox.

This 21-Day Spiritual Detox is just the thing!

When you subscribe to this program, you’ll receive an email from me each day for 21-days. Each day will feature a short devotional and a spiritual challenge.

PLUS, as a special bonus, you’ll receive recipes, tips, and ideas for your physical health from me, a few other bloggers, and even a professional health coach, so that you can maximize your physical health as well. I’m a firm believer that our spirits are well-connected to our bodies and when one is not in good working order, the other will suffer. So, as we clean the hidden corners in our spirits, why not also pursue new healthy habits at the same time.

By the end of three weeks, you’ll feel stronger, clearer-minded, and experience a new depth in your relationship with God.

As we clear out sin in our hearts, we make more room for Him. Just like we see often in Scripture with Israel! Israel often had to cleanse and rededicate the Temple after periods of waywardness to welcome the Spirit of God back in. Let’s clean out this Temple, our bodies, and see a new powerful move of God as He fills us once again.

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21-Day Spiritual Detox