The Eclipse: Is It A Sign of the End Times?

Is it the end times or will everything continue just as it has all these years… will Messiah ever return?

I admit I have gotten caught up in a few people’s teachings on end times and seasons and harbingers and moons and whatnot in the past, but honestly, I tired of all the “this is really it!” announcements and stopped paying attention.

That’s why when similar teachings arose about this solar eclipse, I didn’t have the energy to get involved, no matter how much I actually do believe that God uses nature to communicate his plans to us. I knew it could be something, and as long as I was right with my Creator, I was all set.

Then, I read that this eclipse is coming exactly 40 days before Yom Kippur which wouldn’t mean much to me if I hadn’t kept the Feasts in the past, but I have. And 40 days before Yom Kippur, the notorious Day of Judgment, begins a time Israel knows as Selichot, a period of 40-days of repentance.

In the midst of those 40 days comes a feast that goes by many names… Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashana, Jewish New Year, and one of its lesser known nicknames, The Day which No Man Knows the Day or the Hour. During this Feast, which lasts for 2 full days and begins when the New Moon is sighted from the Sanhedrin, which no longer exists, they sound a Shofar 100 times. The last blast being called the Last Trump.

See why it might be a good idea to celebrate the Lord’s Feasts?

The day we will all await the solar eclipse in the United States, also happens to be a new moon.

Ever considered the relationship between the sun and the moon? The sun is the source of light. The moon a mere reflection of its glory. Sort of like our Heavenly Father is the Source of all Light and we, His people, a mere reflection of His glory. So what does it say when the sun is blotted out for a short time while the moon too is darkened?

Are you seeing why this might have gotten my attention?

God desires that no man should perish. That’s why He has delayed so long, holding back His hand from judgment. That’s why He provides a time of repentance before He begins His judgment. That’s why He gives us signs in the heavens so that we may see them, and knowing our Scripture, we might be alerted to the season we are in.

Look! The fields are white for harvest!

Father God has been patient with us, while we seek selfish gain. He has patiently awaited our hearts turning back to Him. He has patiently waited for us to return to His ways, the ways prescribed in His Word from the beginning of time!

Now, don’t mishear this and call me any kind of false prophet or date setter. I’m no such thing. I’m not date setting, but I am reading the signs that are showing up in this season. I am noticing what many others have also noticed and after doing my own research independently, I am willing to put it out there that we ought to at least be paying attention.

A solar eclipse, a new moon, Selichot, Feast of Trumpets, Yom Kippur… it’s a set of significant occurrences all within significant time periods from each other.

Could God be saying something?

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