It’s Time to Go Over the Edge

Take a Flying Leap With Me!

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A couple months ago my husband took some of our kids to a weeknight service at a church nearby. We had been seeking a youth group that was closer to home so our kids could make friends nearby.

Fortunately, this church also offered a weeknight service for grown-ups. Unfortunately, the pastor that night made it crystal clear that we don’t belong. You see, we are THAT family. If there is a thing about our family that makes us stick out, there’s a hundred. We’ve got a bunch, and we’re okay with that. But that pastor was not.

He took issue with a whole host of things he calls ‘going over the edge’: things like homeschooling, trying to obey God’s commandments, natural healthcare, non-chemical-laden nutrition, natural birth, how we celebrate holidays, and a slew of other things. Each time my husband thought the pastor was finished, he started the next round of critique of our family, whether he knew it or not.

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The title of his message, that night, was Don’t Go Over the Edge, and while our family is obviously so far over the edge that we can’t see the edge, I’d like to share a few reasons why going over the edge just might be better.

  1. The Edge is crowded. Everyone is standing right on the edge, looking at the view. It reminds me of a visit to Niagara Falls years ago. We wanted to take a family photo there, but the crowds! We could have been happy to pose with a background of edge dwellers, but we were sort of hoping for a background shot of the falls. I don’t like crowds. On the edge, you can’t even see the Spectacular for all the people in your way.
  2. The Edge isn’t where anyone wants to be. Standing at the edge, up against a guardrail isn’t where you want to be at Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon or anywhere! No! You want to take the tour behind the falls, or a donkey ride into the canyon. Nobody wants to stay on the edge! You want to get up close and personal, and the edge is distant, safe and boring. You want to get up close; and the edge is distant, safe, boring. Click To Tweet
  3. The Edge is painful. Hmm. Let’s see how close I can get without going over the edge. Maybe if I sit right here on this fence. Ouch! That’s not a comfortable place to sit! Why would anyone want to stay right at the edge? Spiritually speaking, the edge is sort of like being not too hot and not too cold. “Just right” might have worked out for Goldilocks, but it won’t work out so well for us. Jesus said we should be either hot or cold, but not luke warm. Luke warm might have worked well for Goldilocks, but it won't work out so well for us. Click To Tweet
  4. The Edge is just a View. Do you want to see something amazing or experience something amazing? Are you a spiritual spectator? I’d rather experience the amazing things of God, so why would I want to stay on the edge?! Peter might have gotten a little wet that night with Jesus out on the water, but he was the only one who got out of the boat and had an experience. He was over the edge. Are you a spiritual spectator? Click To Tweet
  5. The Edge is grounded. But one thing I know for sure, as long as you are standing on the edge, you’ll never fly. Stop being scared and take that leap. Flying is freedom and who doesn’t want that?! As long as you're standing on the edge, you'll never fly. Click To Tweet

faith over the edgeSo my family might be over the edge. We might be out there with our faith, or our homeschooling, home birthing, chicken raising, essential oil using, skoolie converting, and world changing, but that’s ok with us.

God never called believers to sit on the edge looking into oblivion and wait for heaven to come. We certainly may look forward to that day, but in the meantime we are called to live life abundantly, to walk off the edge and make disciples, to leave the edge of the boat and walk with Jesus. We are called to run the race, to overcome, to let nothing hinder us–not even that edge.

I’d say that going over the edge may not be for everyone, except it is! My family is pressing through the crowds and out walking alone in some places, but going over the edge is the fun stuff! It’s where Adventure is, and for us, our life and our faith are our Greatest Adventure.

  1. bentnotbrokenministry says

    Love this Sharon!

  2. Cristy VanWart says

    YES!!! YES!! YES!!! A resounding yes!! Love this! Thank you for sharing… and we are right there with you! Totally went over the falls in a barrel many years ago! lol

    1. Sharon Butler says

      Thank you! Nice to have company over here where it’s wet!

  3. Monica Burchell says

    Wow! We have so much in common. We just visited a church recently and found out we clearly did not belong. We, too, are trying to become all-natural, believe in natural birth, homeschooling, etc. And, we were like aliens entering the church we visited. Since then, we have felt God is leading us to move back to our church home 5 hours away. So…we’re going back to bloom where we’ve been planted. We moved so far away for my husband’s job but are believing for a new job close to our church. Then, he can be home daily. I have a 2 year old right now and one due in 4 weeks with no help besides the Holy Spirit, which is all I need. I often feel like we are definitely living WAY away from the edge and often get questioned as to why. Your post has given me encouragement. Just this morning I was talking about how we’re supposed to be hot or cold, never lukewarm. I don’t WANT to be a “moderate” Christian, whatever that means. I want to live radically. I want to be a disciple, and when Jesus says, “Come! Go with me,” I want to follow without any hesitation. Thank you for your post. You are loved and appreciated!

    1. Sharon Butler says

      I’m so glad this encouraged you. Over the edge is a little scary and lonely sometimes but it’s the most fun too. Keep it up!

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