Halloween Alternatives: 7 Awesome Adventures

We don’t celebrate Halloween. We don’t participate in pagan holy days of any sort, so neither will we participate in the church’s white-washed versions. But that doesn’t mean we sit home crying about it either. Instead we do other normal fun family activities that we could do any night.

So, if you’re in our shoes, and looking for something different for your family that doesn’t involve cobwebs or crying over empty candy sacks, here’s seven awesome ideas that’ll make you forget Halloween is even happening out there.

Seven Awesome Halloween Alternatives 

1. Have a movie night. Blow up your inflatable pool, toss in a bunch of pillows, and pop in your favorite family flick.

2. Have a worship music dance party. Turn on your favorite worship CD and get your kids dancing. Add in freeze dance or glow sticks to make it even more fun.

3. Make personal pizzas. You can even use the preparation of the dough as a great lesson on yeast as sin and how it grows and grows if we let it. Then let the kids play with the extra dough.

4. Have a family game night. Pick your favorite board and card games and put out some finger foods. Who doesn’t love games!

5. Camp-in! Every kid loves a campout but a camp-in can be a whole lotta fun! Set up a tent in the living room or build a fort under the dining table and make it a camping night. Add in s’mores for an extra dose of fun and yum.

6. Make donuts and let the kids decorate them. You can fry them on your stove top, in a fryer or even bake them in a donut pan. Add frosting, sprinkles, powder sugar and drizzles for creative fun. Donuts are a rare treat!

7. Have an art night. Pull out the arts and craft supplies, paint, pencils, markers, stickers, magazines and paper and make collages or art about the coming winter season, favorite fall activity or a happy memory. Then let each person tell about their project.

There’s lots of ideas here, and countless more to be discovered if you choose to walk away from Halloween like we did. It doesn’t have to be the end of something, or leave you feeling like you’re taking away your kids’ happy childhood memories. Instead, choose to make new and better ones together.

What will you do?

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