Meet Sharon

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I bet you’re wondering who is the person behind the keyboard pouring her soul out for others to read about.

Well, since you’re here, I suppose I will introduce myself.

I am Sharon. I’m a wife and the mother to seven kiddos, five of my own and two step-children, who are very nearly grown now. While all that may define how I spend much of my time and the types of things I think about often,… diapers, meals, laundry, picking up toys, … it is my relationship with Jesus that truly defines who I am.

Having been raised in the church, I often call myself a religious cynic. That is not to suggest I doubt my faith at all, but having lived the church life for 40-plus years, I’ve traversed the troubled waters of Christianity.

My early years were spent in churches with many rules, which I saw nowhere in the Bible. My later years left me searching for those rules, only to find a bunch of other rules that the church had told me were “done away with.” Understandably, I was left confused and assuming I could make my own rules, or at least pick and choose from the ones I liked and understood in the Bible.

In college, an Old Testament professor made us question everything we’d grown up hearing, only to rebuild our faith again with evidence and a firmer foundation. I studied ministry and journalism, which left both my ministry and journalism professors unsure about what to do with me. Yet, I knew I loved writing and I knew I wanted to serve God.

I dove into ministry classes about studying God’s Word, how to write sermons, how to use all those great research tools, but the male dominated faculty and ministry student body didn’t appreciate my presence. I won them over as I completed preaching my first sermon with tears streaming down my face resulting from stage fright.

After college, there were no journalistic ministry positions anywhere. Only a few Christian media outlets even existed at the time, and men still dominated the field. I began pursuing a career outside ministry, and quickly was sidetracked with a vibrant career in communications.

After 20-something years of feeling I had no use in the Kingdom, crying out to God because I had nothing I was good at, God spoke to me one afternoon. He said, “Sharon, Write!” I remembered immediately how I once wanted to write devotionals and speak truth and encouragement to women. Of course, that was before the internet had its heyday and long before blogs were even a thing.

But in 2017, blogs were very much a thing, so I started this: A Deeply Rooted Life, in the hopes of speaking truth and life and encouragement to women as I had always dreamed.

I hope you enjoy the blog and if you have any questions, I hope you will reach out to me. So, alas, welcome! I’m glad you’re here.