Seven Ways to Strengthen Your Kids’ Relationships with God

How to Start Discipling Your Kids This Summer

School is out and the kids are already bored. You wake up each morning wondering how you’re going to keep your kids busy again today! So why not use this summer as an opportunity to teach them more about God, and to strengthen the relationship of each family member with our Heavenly Father.

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Here’s a few ideas how you can:

  1. One of my favorite ways to remind my children about our God is to get outside and use His creation to teach them about him. A walk in the woods or a camping trip can offer a host of Biblical conversations including discussions of how God cares for the birds and how much more he cares for us, how acorns must fall to the ground and be buried before they can bring forth life, how each seed produces its own kind. Talking about the sun and moon can offer a host of spiritual lessons as well and this summer’s eclipse is a great opportunity for discussions from how the moon reflects the light of the sun just like we are made to reflect God’s glory, and even how God created the sun, moon and stars just for us.
  2. If you’re looking for a faith-filled vacation or maybe just a quick add-on to your summer plans, I recommend the Noah Conference just south of Cleveland, Ohio. My family of nine will be in attendance this August. We will also take advantage of discounted admission to the Creation Museum (just $10 for a 2-day pass) and FREE admission to the Ark which is included in the conference. The Ark is a true-to-scale replica of Noah’s Ark, which opened last July (2016) in northern Kentucky and the Creation Museum is a great place for families to explore the history of the world together, geologically, Biblically and historically. The conference itself is geared toward building stronger families and discipling your children. If you’re interested in attending use the code: PureReligion to get $20 off per family registration or $10 off individuals.
  3. Campfire conversations are a great family bonding activity no matter what you talk about, and kids always remember evenings by the fire with family, but when you add in some worship songs sung together around the fire, or a Bible story read aloud, your children will store up those treasured memories as well.
  4. Reading together is another great way to spend those long summer days. Kids love being read to and it’s good for them too. Improve upon it further by reading from their favorite Bible storybook or children’s Bible. We love the lyrical tone and beautiful artistry in the Jesus Storybook Bible, although I caution that it is not 100% scripturally accurate. We also like to read from an older children’s Bible we received as a hand me down recently.
  5. While you may not want to allow too much screen time this summer, sometimes I find it beneficial to get the kids all sitting down to watch something together so I can have my coffee in peace or regroup after a demanding part of my day. There are two Bible cartoon series that we love and allow the kids to watch regularly. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when they are scripturally inaccurate, so here’s my two favorite series. First, CBN’s Superbook is a fun and entertaining choice that the kids always love. One feature of this series is how they always frame each episode with a life application story line. The addition of modern children and their silly robot adds humor and entertainment to the stories as well. We are blessed to have access to this series through Right Now Media, but you can also find several major Bible story DVDs available for purchase through CBN. I like that the stories are nearly accurate to scripture with only minor changes mainly due to the presence of time-traveling children. However, a second DVD series that my family loves is the NEST series. This series offers outstanding animation and near perfectly true-to-scripture stories – and a lot of them. Stories that few other children’s DVDs or Bibles include are available with NEST, like Paul, Elisha, and Esther, as well as some of the more common stories. My kids really enjoy these cartoons and love the addition of challenge questions at the end of each DVD. These cartoons are so well done that we’ve even included them in our family Bible times before, using the follow-up questions and scripture to reinforce what they’ve watched.children discipleship
  6. Share your personal prayer time with your children. While children can often be a distraction during your prayer time, allowing a child to respectfully participate with you or quietly observe while you pause to explain things can be very helpful in discipling your own children. Seeing your prayer times in action and how you do it can really help a child solidify their own relationship with the Lord.
  7. Send the kids to Vacation Bible School. This is an easy one for the most part. They’re often free or very affordable, they include Bible lessons, fun songs, great crafts, snacks and entertaining skits. What kid wouldn’t want to go! It also means mom gets a couple hours without at least a few of the kids asking for snacks every 15 minutes.

When the kids are in school all day, they are exposed to many of the world’s ideas, so why not spend summer instilling in them the ways of the Lord. Teaching them to love the Lord, to walk in His ways is a command. It is the highest calling of a parent and summer, perhaps, is the best place to have the greatest impact.

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Do you have ideas for helping your kids develop stronger relationships with the Lord? Tell me what you do here! I’d love more ideas!

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