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A Christian’s Response to Refugees

As the refugee debate really heated up in February, I was frequently accused of being unChristian as the President made his decision to temporarily halt the entrance of refugees from certain countries. As a Christian, who takes the Bible and her faith seriously, I was bothered and really had to examine my own heart to make sure there wasn't selfishness or uncaring within. I love people, I pray for God to give me His heart for people, I want to see the world changed for the better. I am an activist. I am also a conservative,…

5 Ways to Celebrate ‘Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month’

It's National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month again (January) and maybe we should do something for it. But what? We all know what to do for Black History Month or Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention? Where do you even begin? The problem is so vast that we cannot even comprehend it. Yes, sex trafficking has become a trending topic, and while it is agreeably vile, human trafficking doesn't start and end there. It's filthy presence is inside your cell phone and laptop…