The Truth is Truth_Heals

even a young girl can change the world

Today’s World Changer Wednesday is a lesson is no more excuses, not for me and not for you. I am pleased to introduce Korren from Missouri.

I discovered Korren on Instagram under the handle, truth_heals. I didn’t think much at first, but I was daily impressed with the posts she shared that demonstrated so much wisdom and were sold out, on fire, for Jesus. Immediately I knew I had to follow her.

Often we would <3 each other’s images and I began to admire her more and more. I had momentarily confused her with someone who had an online shop and so I contacted her asking for an interview. She quickly replied back that she’d be happy to, but that she was only 12.

“Is that ok?” she asked, almost timidly.

“Wait! What?” I thought. “Twelve! My daughter is 11! You’re 12?”

I quickly cleared up my mistake regarding which account I had emailed, not the one with the shop, but I knew I wanted to interview her anyway, and here is what I learned about “truth_heals.”

She is in sixth grade, this year, and a little shy, but she is no ordinary 12-year-old. She attends public school, and this year has been challenging for her with her friends because they’ve all sort of gone different ways, as I’ve found, is all too often the case at that age.

“Grade school was so easy and fun,” she recounts. “All my friends got along and followed the rules and treated everyone nicely.”

However, she says, now things have changed as they all entered middle school together. “Everyone started changing,” she says, “My best friend stopped hanging out with me because I didn’t do the things she wanted to do, like chase boys and gossip.”

Choosing not to engage in drama and gossip has caused her to lose many friends this past year, she says. She describes how everyone is into their phones and posting selfies, and she explained how it makes her sad that the people her age are more concerned with popularity and than being nice.

She goes on to explain that she started truth_heals to encourage other people who might be facing similar struggles. She chose the name as a contrast to truth hurts, because she knows that real truth actually heals.

She hasn’t previously revealed her identity because she wants it to be all about Christ and not her, personally. However, she enjoys getting personal messages in Instagram from people who find her posts inspiring. Many people do. She has over 1,000 followers on Instagram!

Other things this young woman of 12 is up to, is dropping pamphlets about the gospel into people’s lockers at school and inviting her friends who are atheists to church. “I have a couple friends who are atheists and we completely respect each other,” she says. “I always invite them to church.”

She also went to the school board to ask for a Christian club to be reinstated after it was previously shut down at the request of some parents in town. “I addressed the school board, and they came up with a solution,” she says. “It was really hard to do because I’m really shy and had to do that in front of a lot of people. I was also on TV.”

So, as you can see, this extraordinary young woman is changing the world. She is making a difference around her, living by example, and sharing the gospel in any way she can. Instagram and her school are her current mission fields, but as she grows up, surely it will expand to other areas. She hopes to join the military as an adult, so she will certainly be leaving a mark all over the world.

Thanks, Korren, for showing us grown ups, how it’s done. We can all learn from your example to start somewhere, right where we are, with the tools we have at our disposal, and to make a difference by doing something.


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